About us

"SWIFT SERVICE" LLC is an official Service Station of the leading world cranes manufacturer company LIEBHERR.

The main areas of our company activity are warranty and post-warranty servicing and spare parts delivery for the following kinds of cranes manufactured by LIEBHERR:

  • LIEBHERR Mobile harbour cranes of LHM series;
  • LIEBHERR Gantry cranes of LPS series;
  • LIEBHERR Ship and floating cranes of CBG, CBW, CBB series;
  • Ship-to-shore gantry cranes of STS series;
  • Rubber tyre gantry cranes of RTG series;

The philosophy of our company business is based on the famous expression of Mr. Hans Liebherr, "The first purchase is made by purchaser and the others - by his Service Stations". This is precisely why qualitative and efficient servicing of our clients machinery in the shortest possible time is our priority task.